Pluss Advanced Technologies announces Altek International as Exclusive Marketing Partner of Speciality Polymer Additives across the Middle East Region

Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Pluss Polymers Pvt. Ltd.), specialists in the field of Specialty Polymeric Additives and Phase Change Materials, today announced Altek International, a Dubai based Industrial Chemical Distribution Company, as their exclusive marketing partner in the UAE and across the MENA region. The partnership agreement allows Altek to actively promote Pluss’ complete range of speciality polymeric additives such as Coupling Agents, Compatibilizers, Tie-Layer Adhesive Resins, Metal Adhesion Promoter, Flow Modifier,  and Impact Modifiers for Automotive & ... Read more

Modern Bazaar introduces PronGO™ for home delivery of Dairy, Meat and other frozen food maintaining cold chain till the last mile

Modern Bazaar, Delhi’s premier Grocery Retail chain, has taken the lead in ensuring seamless cold chain till the customer doorstep. One of the prime challenges faced in food delivery business is to maintain the temperature of the products till the last mile. Customers perceive a sense of risk in ordering temperature critical food due to vulnerability to high ambient temperatures.   “Especially products such as frozen fish, meat, vegetables and other processed food should not be allowed to thaw and refreeze. This results in deterioration of quality and even spoilage of these products. Hence,... Read more


Of course everyone knows what ice cream look like; after all we are experts, aren’t we?

Well, time to think again. As a matter of fact, 40% of ice creams you buy are not what you think they are. Let me introduce you to an unfamiliar step sister of ice cream … Frozen dessert.

Since last two years this variant has silently slipped into the 1,800-crore ice cream industry of India without a buzz. Today, frozen desserts are an easy buy without being noticed. As an ice cream lover you are lik... Read more

Is dry ice safe to carry frozen foods?

From VikramBetal’s set, to the alluring stage performances, till Shahrukh’s railway station entrance in Main Hoon Na, you do know there is no cloud floating beneath! Well, happy to inform you it’s ice. Yup! It’s all dry ice i.e. frozen CO2. Traditionally used for cooling purposes, cool storage, ice boxes etc., dry ice not as heroic and fun as it seems on screen because the other side of the story comes with hazardous results.

This solidified carbon dioxide is very harmful and at times deadly. We list here the re... Read more

Pluss launches Celsure™


Pluss launches Celsure™

An innovative and efficient temperature controlled shipping solution for pharmaceuticals

Gurgaon, 04 May, 2016 - PLUSS, a startup, into Research & Innovation, providing innovative and impactful solutions to the society at large has come up with yet another technological mar... Read more