Pluss Advanced Technologies launches Tie Layer Adhesive Resin for Multilayer Flexible Barrier Packaging Films

Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (formerly Pluss Polymers Pvt. Ltd.), specialists in the field of Speciality Polymeric Additives and Phase Change Materials for Energy Storage in India, has commercially launched a new speciality polymeric additive for the growing Packaging Industry 다운로드.

This speciality polymeric additive is a Tie Layer Adhesive Resin under the brand name BindEX™ for multilayer flexible barrier packaging films offering excellent adhesion and transparency 원순철 핵감지기 다운로드.

It has been globally realized that a few grams of plastic can protect large quantities of fresh produce and save a great variety of commodities like food, pharmaceuticals, and other commodities from being wasted 기묘한이야기 시즌1. Shelf-life of the packed product can be dramatically improved with high barrier materials. Layered films combine the properties of different polymer materials and keep down costs 대왕의 꿈 다운로드. This enables manufacturers to shift from aluminum or glass packaging. These are very expensive and energy intensive to produce as against plastics which require substantially lower energy 다운로드. By using the latest film processing technology, these different layered films can be combined in a multilayer structure using outer layer with good mechanical properties and inner layers with high barrier properties joined by a tie layer adhesive resin 윈도우 파워쉘 다운로드.

Multilayer barrier films are primarily used in the food packaging and pharmaceutical industry and thus demand stringent quality standards to keep the contents fresh and prevent contamination 미스터 선샤인 4화 다운로드. Their applications can range from packaging for consumers such as frozen food packaging, film wraps for food and seal packaging to packaging for industries such as bag film, stretch film, shrink wrap, container liners etc 60초 무료 다운로드.


“Global Multilayer flexible packaging film consumption is forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 6% as against 11% in India 다운로드. By this estimate, one can imagine the potential of multilayer flexible barrier films in the country. PLUSS® being a pioneer in material research and innovation in India, started developing this tie-layer adhesive resin for packaging industry over a year back 드림위버 8 다운로드. We are confident to seize a good market share in the multilayer films domain with our new Tie Layer adhesive resin” says Samit Jain, Managing Director, Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

All the resin currently is imported into India and with this innovation, PLUSS could help film converters to use an Indigenous product thereby saving on precious foreign exchange as well as provide them cost benefits – in terms of inventory and lower manufacturing costs that India can offer. “We are a trusted leader in the plastics industry in India and overseas markets of Turkey, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia and are constantly coming up with new products to cope with the industry’s emerging requirements and challenges, and position ourselves to benefit from new market opportunities,” he added.

Mr Ajith Kumar, Business Head – Polymers of PLUSS® Advanced Technologies, said: “In the light of increasing raw material costs and mounting regulations for maintaining quality standards combined with enhanced consumer awareness about health and safety, multilayer film manufacturers the world over are seeking cost effective tie-layer adhesive resins. Our R&D team have adapted and responded to the current dynamics of the market and are relentlessly pursuing technologies to bring improvements in our existing product range and will keep maintaining this momentum.”

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