PLUSS PronGO Bags – A must for every beer drinker?

How would it feel when you are running errands in the scorching heat but can quench your thirst with chilled water from your bottle? How would it feel if I tell you that you can carry ice cream and keep it in the solid state for upto 5 hours 다운로드? Or what if you can take your own beer and drink it chilled hours after you left home? Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Well what if I tell you that it is not a gimmick 다운로드!

PLUSS, a Research & Innovation company, has come up with Phase change materials (PCMs) that help maintain the temperature of food products stored inside 다운로드. PronGo bags are like these little refrigerators on the go!

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prongo bags by pluss

PLUSS – PronGo Bags

PLUSS has pioneered the PCM technology in India 다운로드. “PROducts on the Go” aka PronGO Bags are specifically designed to ensure precise temperature control of food and beverages for long duration 다운로드. These are like mini refrigerators and are available in different sizes and for different temperatures enabling better performance than Gel and Ice packs or insulated bags 원피스 명장면 다운로드.

prongo bags

Prongo Bags

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You can store dairy, frozen, or chilled food products which need to be stored at different temperatures 퀼스 자막 다운로드. This unique product can keep food products at -15 degrees Celsius for upto 5 hours in hot conditions. Multilayered film pouches containing PCMS fit in pockets inside the PronGo bag 3ds max 무료. The flat pouches are about 100mm by 150mm. The PCM temperature range is -10 to -18 degrees Celsius.

PronGo bags are not just bags made out of insulated materials, they come with pouches that are kept inside the pockets to maintain the temperature of the food item stored inside with minimal fluctuations. So while the pouches help maintain the temperature inside the bag, the bag itself keeps the food or beverage safe 다운로드.

PronGo bags are exclusively available on Amazon India 프리 유튜브 다운로드.

Prongo bags can be useful for carrying beverages like liquor, juices, soft drinks etc. and food products like frozen vegetables, meats, snacks and even ice cream. There are different designs of various sizes and temperature settings which you can select based upon our needs. After all, in this fast paced world we need something to be adaptable and customize-able for our individual preferences and choices!

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