PronGO: Are insulin injections really working to control your diabetes?

Do you have any diabetic person at your home? Are they running on Insulin injections? This piece of writing about PronGO must be a good read for you then…

Insulin injections, which are used to regulate blood sugar in people who have type 1 diabetes (a situation in which the body cannot prepare insulin and consequently cannot regulate the volume of sugar in the blood) or in people who have type 2 diabetes (a situation in which the blood sugar is excessively high since the body does not synthesize or use insulin routinely) that cannot be organized with oral medicines only 다운로드. Insulin injection is a type of drug categorized under hormones. Insulin injection is used to replace insulin that is naturally synthesized by the body 다운로드. It functions by moving sugar from the blood into body cells where it is consumed for energy. It stops the liver from synthesizing further sugar. All of the forms of insulin that are existing perform in this fashion 배틀몬스터 리부트. The categories of insulin fluctuate only in how speedily they start to work and how long they linger to regulate blood sugar.

Unwrapped containers of insulin and un-opened insulin pens should never be kept in the freezer 싸이월드 사진 백업 프로그램 다운로드. Never freeze insulin and never use insulin that is frozen. Unwrapped containers of insulin should be stockpiled in the refrigerator but may also be stored at room temperature, in a cool place that is away from heat and direct sunlight 토탈워 삼국지 다운로드. Store opened insulin pens and opened dosing devices at room temperature. Check the manufacturer’s information to find out how long you may keep your pen or dosing device after the first use doubt 다운로드.

PCM technology based PronGO is the only option to ensure precise temperature control for long durations:
PronGO is a reusable and portable bag that can carry products at a constant temperature; chilled(+2 to +8 deg C) or frozen(-10 to -15 deg C) or room temperature(+15 to +25 deg C) 툴뭉도우미 다운로드. Unlike conventional insulated box and icepacks which has restriction in its utility, PronGO offers precision and versatility. IIt maintains a temperature of 2-8°C for up to 5 hours and prolonged 15 hours for a temperature controller between 2°C to 25°C 인시디어스3 다운로드. The technology inside this bag are PCMs i.e. Phase change materials which imparts passive cooling to the bag. The bag has been designed in a way that it’s light and can be carried around easily 엘리트건달 다운로드. It has thermal insulators which does the temperature control and stops any fluctuations of temperature even if it is in direct sunlight.


PronGO has following listed features, which makes it one of a kind:

  1. PronGO has 3litre transportable marvel and sustains temperature for chilled as well as the frozen products up to 5 hours by means of advanced phase change materials 대항해시대 다운로드.
  2. It is long-lasting, washable, and leakage proof, PronGO is an entirely ‘Make in India’ product.
  3. PronGO uses unique temperature controlling technology which maintains the integrity of frozen and chilled products shielding them from harsh outdoor ambient.
  4. PronGO promises stress free and supreme outcomes in contrast to to any normal insulating bags or ice packs available in the market.

Pluss has pioneered the PCM technology in India:

Pluss who is the pioneer in the field of PCM technology in India has introduced a full range of solution for carrying insulin effectively. Pluss Advanced Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a materials research and manufacturing company involved in the field of speciality polymeric additives and phase change materials. It bears the distinction of pioneering and creating cost effective and innovative products and applications that provide impacting solutions.


You can make a purchase of the product here: PronGo at Amazon

Using an insulated cover or box cannot maintain temperature:

An insulated cover or box can never be compared with PronGO, as PronGO works on PCM technology. PronGO is used to keep the frozen products chilled! Now you transport different products such as critical insulin injections, ice-creams, and chilled beverages at chosen temperatures.

Now live and travel hassle free when you have PronGO with you, without worrying about how to keep your insulin safely.

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