Innovative Polymeric Materials for Thermal Energy Storage

30th century has witnessed a rapid increase in the scale of industrialization all over the world. This has led to a significant increase in the number of commercial buildings for industrial purposes. According to a recent scientific research, these commercial buildings account for almost 41% of the world’s energy consumption, which constitutes 30% of the annual greenhouse gas emissions. It is expected that the energy demand in the building sector will rise by about 50% in 2050, and the space cooling demand will triple between 2010 and 2050 [1]. Hence, there is an urgent need to decrease the... Read more

Vaccine Transportation: Major Challenges and Alternatives

“Most men would rather deny a hard truth than face it.”- George R. R. Martin These words of the famous author summarises the attitude of the supply chain sector towards the vaccine transportation and last mile delivery challenge. Over 25% of vaccines go waste globally, of which only 11% includes the open-vial vaccine wastage rate, rest of the wastage happens when the vaccine loses its potency before the vials were opened. As per the report on vaccines spoilage by Associated Press, of all the wastage in a fiscal year, 62% wastage happens due to spoilage of vaccines, and to the in... Read more

Speciality Polymers (Additives) – A Boon to the Polymer Industry

It would not be wrong if we compare the “additives added in polymers”with the spices we add in our daily food. No spices leads to tasteless food just like no additives lead to useless polymers. In the continuous quest for easier processing, enhanced physical properties, better long-term performance and the need to respond to new environmental health regulations additives play an important role. Additives alone are responsible for the success of commercial plastics, rubbers, coatings and adhesives. Without additives, many polymers would simply be of limited use. The successful ... Read more

Phase Change Materials (PCM) based high efficiency chest freezers and coolers for reduced power dependency.

Introduction World’s increasing energy demands forces us to brainstorm for new and innovative methods which allows us to save the precious earthly resources, while maintaining the performance parameters of any technology. The depleting coal resources have also given us the indication that the time is right for such endeavors. After understanding the gravity of the mentioned situation, an important question to ask would be “what are Phase Changing Materials (PCM)?” This question beholds a significant understanding of energy saving and appropriate energy utilization. Analogous to the batte... Read more