Nidhi Agrawal
Team Lead, R&D

Nidhi graduated in Chemical Sciences and did her post-graduation in Organic Chemistry from St. Stephens College, Delhi University (2005) where she was awarded the best student of the year. In 2007, she submitted her thesis for M.Phil. which focused on ‘enzymatic studies of nucleosides’ and received the prestigious ‘Science Meritorious’ award.

Her first job was at the Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, Delhi,on chemical synthesis of UV active compounds for DNA labeling. With an eagerness to see her work converted into products, she moved from a pure research environment to an industrial environment at Leonid Chemicals, Bengaluru, where she developed methods for characterization of newly designed chemical compounds. However, in her quest for innovation, she connected with PLUSS. With a belief that energy will be the key to the future, the idea of working on PCMs to store energy appealed to her. What followed was a steep learning curve and over a span of 5 years she built a team and has created several PCMs. Form stable PCM is one of the products which brought a significant change in the pattern of products developed at PLUSS.

Besides, her passion for PCM, she loves plants and her motto is “Be Calm and Go Green”. She likes travelling; be it a family outing or an official meeting, she enjoys exploring places and vegetarian food of different origin. Her chemistry experimentation has spilled over to experimenting with cooking too; whether it’s a mouth watering dessert or an exotic main course. An avid fiction reader - her favorite authors include Jeffrey Archer, Robin Cook, Harper Lee and AmitavGhosh.