Anil Mehta

With over 41 years of chemicals and polymers related experience in wide ranging industries, including Packaging, FRP, Moulding, Compounding, and Energy Storage, he has a special interest in product, process and application development. He has several publications that include papers and patents on utilization of agricultural and industrial waste; alloys and blends and synthetic paper. He co-founded PLUSS to manufacture specialized polymers and played a key role in the first manufacturing of Phase Change Materials at PLUSS.

Anil was presented with NRDC Technology Award for Development of Maleic Anhydride Grafted Polymers which formed the first commercial product at PLUSS. He is currently responsible for manufacturing operations and implementation of Quality Management Systems at PLUSS. Lately, he is exploring ways to utilize non-prime resources including human resources.

Anil derives happiness from the work he does. He strongly believes that the key to happiness lies in maintaining equanimity through ups and downs. “Nobody and nothing is useless in this world, hence deserves to be respected. If there is God in the skies who runs this world, He does not come down to help, but uses his subjects like us to do what is required to be done”. This belief leads him to be His agent to do his bit and make this world a better place. His personal interests include reading, writing and walking, for idea generation and crystallizing thoughts.

He has a post graduate degree in Chemistry (Delhi University); Polymer Technology (PRI, U.K) and Diploma in Business Management (AIMA, Delhi).