Devendra Jain

A post graduate in Chemistry and Polymer Technology (U.K), he has professional experience of over 45 years in the field of plastics and polymers. He has several achievements in basic and applied research to his credit; development of synthetic paper based on BOPP being the major patent held by him. He has worked in the areas of Plastics Films and Compounds for over 20 years. He has pioneered the development of BOPP based Hot Melt Adhesive Coating Film, Synthetic Paper based on BOPP and HDPE as well as Cross Linked Polyethylene Foam in India. He played a key role in the indigenous development of MA-g-PO for which he received the Indigenous Invention award on Technology Day in 2003 by the Govt. of India. Since 2010 his area of work has revolved around design and development of Advanced Phase Change Materials to address the thermal energy storage challenges. He has several patents in the areas of PCMs and its end applications in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical sector in particular. His team members have consecutively been among the top 8 MIT-Innovators under 35 from India in the year 2016 and 2017.

An avid reader, he manages to read atleast two new books a month and is a proponent of design thinking. At PLUSS, he has developed a comprehensive R&D team with an ability to think, which he believes will set PLUSS apart. Creating impactful innovations, is his key mantra. A bonsai lover, he has a collection of over a 100 bonsais that he has created himself in the last 15 years and spends his weekends at his farm where he has documented the over 100 trees that he has planted over the years.