With Integrated Thermal Energy Storage Solution based on savE®  Phase Change Materials

PCM integrated dryer offers an advantage of 24x7 consistent drying. PCMs are advanced material which enable energy storage. It allows storage of solar energy. In addition, the use of solar PV powered low capacity fans makes it an off-the-grid product.

  • Integrated with thermal energy storage.
  • Operates 24x7 at a constant temperature.
  • The copper heat pipe is inserted into the PCM container.
  • Entered air gets heated by the aluminum plate.
  • Air extracts moisture from the food material placed in the tray.
  • The exhaust fan makes the design less complex.
  • No need for recycling air.

Figure 1: Graphical view of Aagun® 24x7 dryer

Figure 2: 24 hour temperature profile of Aagun® dryer


Palwal (Haryana)

Bolmoram (Meghalaya)

Pune (Maharashtra)

Bawal (Haryana)



Products dried using Aagun® have been tested at an ISO 17025, NABL and FSSAI accredited testing laboratory for retention of nutritional value.