savE®   PCMs find application in HVAC&R, pharmaceutical, solar, medical devices, automobiles, buildings, cold-chain, home-appliances, retail and agro businesses-wherever there is a requirement to maintain constant temperature for extended periods of time.

Freezers and

Major freezer and cooler manufacturers have started using phase change materials in their freezer to avoid the spoilage of products during power cut-offs, which is a major problem in India.

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Cold Chain

The PCM based eutectic plates offer solutions to existing challenges in the cold supply chain issues such as power outages, poor infrastructure, high fuel costs and critical last mile etc. When compared with traditional reefer trucks, this technology offers up to 80% savings in operating cost by virtue of the reduction in diesel consumption. In addition PCM enables multi-temperature transport improving the payload factor thereby improving feasibility of part load transportation.

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While trying to reduce the usage of power consumption an innovative strategy being adopted globally is to manage the energy effectively by demand side management. The concept of demand side management is to use Phase Change Materials having a high thermal energy storage capacity which uses power during off peak hours to store the energy and release it during peak hours. This strategy allows almost 50% of the HVAC load to be shifted to the night time/off peak hours, which translates to an overall reduction of more than 25% in the total electrical load of a building.

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Biopharmaceuticals and vaccines contribute to a majority of shipments of temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals, which are typically high in monetary value and have low product volume. With the surge in mail order shipments, increasing scrutiny by regulatory agencies and the desire to lower costs, the need to develop an effective and reliable cold chain management protocol has become a necessity and is of utmost importance. PCMs provide an innovative, efficient and cost effective way of transporting temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products and it can bridge the gap between the regulatory policies & guidelines and the need of the consumer concerning product safety.

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Solar Energy

An effective solar thermal storage system must form an integral part of a solar heating system for without this maximum utilization of solar energy is not possible. Thermal storage can also address the problem in trying to match supply to demand where maximum solar availability occurs during the day, but maximum demand occurs at times when there is a little, if any, solar availability.

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PCMs in buildings enable storage of free natural energy for heating or cooling purposes reducing the energy consumption by over 30%.


There are numerous applications among home appliances and consumer durable products which can be enhanced with the integration of Phase Change Materials. The possibility is endless.