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PLUSS depends on you to do the right thing; right for both you and PLUSS.

Our vision is to develop breakthrough products to meet the current and future needs of the society. To achieve this, we hire talented and driven individuals with diverse skill sets not only to compete vigorously, energetically and untiringly, but also, to grow ethically, honestly and fairly. At PLUSS, we don’t restrict ourselves to our mission, but also believe in contributing our bit towards the upliftment of the society and the environment.

We offer internships, apprenticeship, full time opportunities, and also help with Master’s degree to empower you.
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Diversity is our need
Inclusion is our responsibility


We believe that diverse inclusive teams drive performance and innovation, creating greater business value. We have made efforts to maximise participation from all sections of society including women, and other underprivileged workers. We are committed to attracting, motivating and retaining an inclusive and diverse workforce to better address the needs of our employees, customers and suppliers thus making a difference in the lives of millions worldwide.

Our inclusion strategy focuses on four key domains:


We recruit and build a diverse team that is highly motivated, ethical and passionate about the work they do.


We believe in creating a space where every voice counts. At PLUSS, people are accepted and respected for their authentic self, making the environment a safe space for all.


Our team consists of people from different backgrounds, speaking different languages, having different beliefs but serving one purpose – one for all, all for one.


We cultivate our strategies in a dynamic way that best fits the need of the hour considering the diversity in our customers and our community partnerships engagement.

Our Initiatives include:

• Employing and training women from neighbouring villages.

• Hiring semi-skilled workforce from economically weaker sections as operators.

• Bonding with employees and their families through art and craft workshops.

• Organizing yearly health check-ups for factory workers and their families.

• Promoting employee well-being by providing frequent training on gender sensitivity, hygiene and sanitation.

• Improving gender equality at the workplace through flexible working practices and equal pay.

• Introduced “Take2- the comeback program” to encourage women to re-join the workforce.

• Introduced “Teach the Youth” with our vision to improve livelihood opportunities for youth from the surrounding villages of Bawal. We launched a basic English language program to enhance the spoken and written English skills.

• We not only offer maternity leave, but also believe in providing Paternity leave to ensure equality and involvement of both the parents.


Work-Life Integration

We’re a family and true believers in work-life balance. Our aim is to offer our people the benefits, support, resources and tools they need to grow and perform. We empower you to manage your own time and promote flexible working opportunities, along with family friendly policies.

Compensation & Benefits

Employees have the opportunity to choose the healthcare benefits that best meet their needs. Medical Coverage is available for employees and eligible family members. The employee can choose to enrol under the group medical insurance plan or reimburse 50% of the medical insurance premium paid annually for their existing policy. 


Paid holidays – PLUSS observes 10 holidays as per the calendar year.

Paid time off – PLUSS encourages its employees to maintain good physical as well as mental health that can affect their personal and official life. Employees are encouraged to take time off to de-stress. We believe that our people have changing needs during different life and career stages. A range of leave options are available to employees to help them manage those changes. As a company we have the best-in-class practices in respect to maternity, paternity and adoption related leave and compensation policies, besides options for parental leave, career break (sabbatical) to fulfil the needs of diverse employees in our organization.


This scheme is developed with the intention of awarding the employees for their efforts towards recruitment. Additional incentives are offered when employees successfully refer women and minorities, thus promoting diversity in all forms.


PLUSS strives to provide all employees with development opportunities that support their ability to effectively and efficiently deliver departmental mandates, innovate and grow in their careers.

• The annual training budget set for each employee is 1% of their annual CTC which gets renewed in April each year. Employees can choose to attend as many training programs as they want, provided they don’t exceed the budget.

• If employees wish to take up a short or long-term study course, PLUSS® takes the initiative of bearing the tuition fees and other direct educational expenses.

Programs/ Initiatives


Our community-centric initiatives emphasise the spread of quality education, healthcare and sustainable livelihood opportunities in all our locations where we operate. We empower communities through skill development and promoting entrepreneurship with special focus on women and youth. We also believe in keeping the PLUSS community active, competitive and in high spirits through inhouse events and activities.

Our initiatives include:

Learning & Development

We strive to provide all employees with development opportunities that support their ability to deliver departmental mandates, innovate, and grow in their careers effectively and efficiently through our various training programmes. We believe in not only helping our employees develop their abilities, but also their families. With our vision to improve livelihood opportunities for youth from the surrounding villages of Bawal, we launched a basic English language program called ‘Teach the Youth’ to enhance the spoken and written English skills.

Women Empowerment

We provide time to time technological support to Advit Foundation, a not for profit development organization, working on Conservation of Environment Resources and Livelihood Enhancement. Our passionate and trained personnel go on field trips to interact, work and conduct workshops for farmers on advanced agricultural techniques. One such project was the setting up of a cold room and solar dryer at Tamil Nadu Corporation for Development of Women in Chennai. Under this program women entrepreneurs were trained on energy efficient systems that can easily convert food surplus into processed food, thus increasing their revenue and reducing harvest loss. This initiative was with specific focus on women who largely stay home and are mostly involved in farm-based activities. In India, where 65% of the agricultural workforce is women, such technology empowers them to be financially independent and also play an active role towards family’s financial contribution.

PLUSS Planet

Aimed at getting Swachh Bharat Mission one step closer to its goal of Clean India, volunteers from Advit foundation and PLUSS employees have been cleaning roads, parks and other public areas near establishments of Pluss across Delhi NCR. The main objective of the Abhiyaan is to inspire and motivate the general public to keep their surroundings clean. Pluss along with Advit foundation has been conducting E-Waste awareness campaigns in schools, corporate and RWA’s across Delhi NCR. In this awareness drive, we provide valuable information on e-waste, its management and handling, hazards and its proper disposal. A special feature of this campaign has been the collection drive that encourages everyone to collect e-waste from their office drawers, homes, colonies and various other locations and deposit at designated bins installed in the campus/ building.


PLUSS organised its first ever SPORTS MEET for its employees in 2021, where there were exciting events like Basketball, Kabaddi, Khokho, Drawing, Musical Chair, Push Ups and many more, planned across a 5 days time span. All the winners were facilitated with medals while the participants were acknowledged with participation certificates.