Jan van Acquoij
Director, Pluss Advanced Technologies B.V.

Jan is a people-oriented, passionate pioneer with a broad business and technological background.

He holds a MSc degree in Chemistry (University at Utrecht) and Chemical Technology (Technical University, Eindhoven) and also completed a post academic study of Business Management at Institute for Career & Development in Eindhoven.

Half of his career Jan worked in Pharma and Fine Chemical Industry, in varied roles, as Research Chemist, Head Laboratory, Manager Technology and Business Development Manager. From 2001, Jan worked as Operational Manager/Director in several SME companies in different branches (Agricultural, Chemical, Life Sciences, IT, and Renewable Energy). In these roles Jan was mostly responsible for expanding the business, business development and sales.

Since the beginning of 2019, together with Thijs Veerman, Jan was involved in the development of Pluss Advanced Technologies B.V. where he became Director in January 2020. Jan has a great interest in technical developments that have positive impact on environmental issues and nature conservation. He is a walking encyclopaedia if you want to know anything about gardening and garden plants and trees. He is a member of the Dutch Association of Tub plants and member of the International Clematis Society. In his free time, he does long-distance marches, most 25 miles and once a year even 50 miles.