Thijs Veerman
Business Consultant

Thijs holds a MSc. Degree in Chemical Technology from the Technical University Delft, the Netherlands. He is a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and has several post-academic Business Administration certificates.

Early on in his career, Thijs worked in the Life Sciences industry as a biochemical engineer, project leader and manager at Gist Brocades (now DSM), EuroCetus (now Novartis). After a period as Operations Manager in the fine chemicals industry, Thijs formed the Netherlands Vaccine Institute, at that time the government owned vaccine research, development and manufacturing organisation, and went on to become its General Director. Later he became CEO for the medical diagnostic organisation Star-MDC.

In 2016, Thijs started Progress Executive Services. After a period as interim director for a primary health care centre and interim CEO for Intravacc, he met with Samit and assists in building, together with Jan van Acquoij, Pluss Advanced Technology B.V. to expand the European markets. Since 2020, Thijs is fully devoting his time to the development of Pluss in Netherlands and Europe.

In his free time, Thijs plays trumpet in a band, likes to cook for his family and enjoys cycling to his office and walks at least one hour a day!