Thermal Energy Storage (TES) technology eliminates the dependency on instantaneous electricity for heating or cooling applications. TES is one of the clean technologies which supports and extends the use of other clean technologies such as solar, wind, Distributed Renewable Energy (DRE), electric vehicles etc. This means more control over the end use without relying on electric power for the purpose of heating and cooling from the grid or electric batteries or diesel generators.

Phase Change Materials (PCMs) are one of the most effective mediums of thermal energy storage as they are highly cost effective, stable and environment friendly. PCMs have very wide scope of applications whether it is building construction, cold-chain transportation/storage, solar energy storage, temperature controlled packaging for food, pharmaceuticals etc.

Maintain desired temperature without the need for external source of energy at the time of operation

Shift peak power loads to off-peak power hours

Provide back-up

KEY Benefits:


Cooling/Heating without the need for external source of energy at the time of operation.

Shift peak power loads to off-peak power hours.

Provide for a clean back-up medium during contingency.

Effective heat/cool dissipation and thermal management medium.

Extend the use of renewable energy by storage.

Reusability - Reduction of emissions and use of fossil fuels.

Plusstainability at Work

Energy stored is Energy earned. savE® is the complete range of Phase Change Materials developed by PLUSS to meet the ever increasing energy needs in the field of cooling and heating without relying on electric power from the grid or electric batteries or diesel generators. “savE®= SAVE ENERGY”.

Why savE® range of Phase Change Materials

• Temperatures for wide applications: -33°C to +89°C

• Different types of PCMs – Organic, Inorganic, Form Stable, Macrocapsules

• Long shelf life: 3000 cycles

• Custom packaging and integrating solutions

• Proven test and validation methods

• T-history test to determine phase transition and stored heat, thermal stability test, cycling stability test and ageing process test

savE® PCMs Product Range and Data Sheets

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Tailor made PCM Encapsulations

We offer a wide range of standard high-performance encapsulations and capability to develop customized solution as per the requirement of the customer.


Buildings- PCM for Heating/Cooling
Reduced over 30% energy consumption in HVAC projects.

Buildings form an integral part of our everyday life. Plusstainability to us is optimizing the demand and harnessing free energy in nature by efficiently capturing the free heat or cool energy thus reducing the need for cooling.

The ability to utilize materials within the building envelope to contribute to maintaining the desired temperature without depending on an active source of refrigeration system. PCMs can be used inside a building space to absorb the surplus cooling energy during low peak periods. This stored energy is released passively during high peak demand times.

PCMs also can be used to take advantage of the low temperatures in geographies with a large diurnal temperature difference. This energy can be stored into PCMs which can be used to reduce partial HVAC loads. This concept is known as free cooling.

HVAC constitutes about 70% of the total energy consumed in a building. Typically the peak electricity consumption in a building is reached during the month of July for a duration of 3 to 4 hours between noon to 4pm. Therefore, the electric utilities such as the transformers, diesel generator backups and the HVAC capacity is sized to take care of the peak demand which results in an oversizing of the capacities pushing the CAPEX by at least 25% only to meet the peak season. Thermal Energy Storage enables 50% reduction across electrical and HVAC capacities thus managing the demand smartly.

Food and Agri - Temperature controlled logistics and storage
• Enabled temperature-controlled environment for more than 3,000 tons of perishables.
• Increased over 10,000 farmers' livelihood by creating affordable technologies.
• Reduced 2,500 tons equivalent of CO2 emissions from refrigerated trucks since 2016.

We are proud of India's agrarian economy and Plusstainability to us is curbing food lost by empowering the society with clean and resource efficient cold-chain infrastructure.


A portable 24/7 dryer that can offer consistent drying utilizing solar energy. The uniqueness of this dryer is that it does not require any external source of electricity nor a battery.


A 5MT capacity coldroom that operates independent of grid connectivity. The Phase Change Materials based thermal battery continues to offer consistent temperature control during night hours during non-sun hours.


Conventional reefer trucks operate on diesel as the primary source of fuel and the refrigeration unit consumes 50% of the fuel. Thermal battery enables semi-electric reefer vehicles by decoupling the refrigeration unit from diesel engine. The electric refrigeration unit is plugged onto an electric source when the truck is docked. During this time the refrigeration unit charges/cools down the thermal batteries which caters to the cooling required during movement of the trucks.


A portable refrigerator for both personal use and last mile deliveries. PronGO® Chill keeps your non-frozen foods, beverages and medicines chilled for up to 6-8 hours while PronGO® frozen keeps your frozen foods frozen for up to 5 hours. Available in multiple variants to suit personal and commercial needs.
Life Sciences & Healthcare
Miracradle®, Celsure®, PCM for Pharma packaging. Other possibilities - Therapeutic pads.

• Over 10,000 infants suffering from Birth Asphyxia saved.
• Facilitated safe use of 3.5 million vaccines since 2016.

Plusstainability is giving every infant the right to live and ensuring integrity of vaccines and medicines through the supply chain.
Industrial Applications
Chest freezer/coolers, Thermal management for batteries

• 18 Giga Watts hours of energy saved per year by 50,000 PCM based chest freezers and coolers.
• Facilitated safe use of 3.5 million vaccines since 2016.

Plusstainability is to reduce operating cost and energy intensive processes. Industrial and commercial application presents a broad spectrum of opportunities to tap waste heat energy, reduce process cooling/heating loads and increase efficiencies.




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