Why PLUSS® Speciality Polymers

High end engineering applications demand excellent end use properties which are met only by using filled or reinforced polymer compounds. Usually, the mixing of fillers or reinforcers in polymers (typically polyolefins) is a tacky problem, caused due to the difference in polarities of the polymer matrix and the constituent fillers. Unfacilitated mixing of these two results in very poor or no adhesion, or in other words, products with very poor properties. In order to promote adhesion or bonding, functionalized polymers are added. These functionalized polymers often made of the same polymers that constitute the target matrix, making them easy to handle and very efficient.

When the adhesion promotion is required between two immiscible polymers, the same functionalized polymers may also be incorporated as compatibilizers. In general terms, chemical compatibilizers and coupling agents are the same materials and are popularly traded as Functionalized Polymers.

Extensive Portfolio

Coupling Agents, Compatibilizers, Impact Modifiers, Flow Promoters, Scrap Upgraders, Tie-Layer Adhesive, Metal Adhesion Promoter & Chain Extender.

Indigenous Technology

Being the first in India to indigenize the technology on commercial scale. Hence economical.

Production Facilities

State of the art machines equipped with German and American technology at the production site in Bawal, located on the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, Haryana.

Just In Time

Well-established network of associates in India and across the globe for ensuring JIT delivery.