Types Of Encapsulations

HDPE/Stainless Steel Spheres

HDPE spherical balls find its exclusive use in HVAC industry for cooling application (Less than 50° C) while stainless steel spherical balls are used in high temperature application (More than 50° C). Our calculations for total heat transfer across thin membranes show that HDPE / PP is as good as aluminium, stainless steel, etc. PLUSS encapsulations are designed to offer optimal heat transfer coefficient, maximum incorporable PCM density and tolerance to high hydronic pressures.



HDPE Flat Panels

HDPE flat panels find its use in indoor installations as a layer within the walls or ceiling. Flat panels are also used as an effective air to air thermal energy storage module enabling a large surface area for heat exchange.





thermoTab™active – Active Panels

Active panels offer the reliability and accuracy of a fan coil unit during the discharge cycle. These panels are made of high grade galvanized mild steel with seamless welding. The evaporator coil which is enclosed inside the panel is immersed inside the Phase Change Material (PCM). This encapsulation offers a very high charge and discharge efficiency.