Speciality Polymers Product Range

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Grade Base Polymer MFI(g/10 min) MAH Content Applications
OPTIM® E Series Modified Polyethylene
E-119 LLDPE 2 Medium Nylon Compounds, HHFR Cable and ACP Core Compounds, Wood Plastics Composites and recycling of nylons
E-126 LLDPE 0.5 Medium
E-142 LDPE 5 Medium
E-156 HDPE 7 Medium
E-131 VLDPE 0.6 High
GE-344 VLDPE 3.5 High^ Impact modifier for PC, PBT, PET
OPTIM® P Series Modified Polypropylene
P-408 PP Homo Polymer 50 Very High PP glass filled compounds, Nylon/PP alloys and Wood Plastics Composites
P-425 PP Homo Polymer 110 Very High
P-445 PP Homo Polymer 110 Very High
ADNYL® Modified Nylons
E-170 Nylon + LDPE 1** Medium Insitu toughening agent for nylons during injection molding
E-177 Nylon + VLDPE 0.3** Medium
OPTIPET ® Chain Extenders
213M Oligomer Masterbatch 4-8 N/A
214M Oligomer Masterbatch 4-8 N/A
NOVIS High MFI Polypropylene
P-490 PP Homo Polymer 1650 N/A PP Flow Modifier
P-390 PP Homo Polymer N/A N/A PP Flow Enhancer
BindEX Series Modified Polyethylene
E-183 VLDPE 6.0 Low-Medium Adhesion enhancer for mCPP (Metallized CPP films)
E-186 LLDPE 2 Medium Tie layer resin for Lamitubes
E-188 LLDPE 5 Low Tie Layer Resin for Multilayer Cast Films
E-189 LLDPE 1.3 Medium Tie Layer Resin for Multilayer Blown Films
*190°C/21.6 Kg, **235°C/2.16 Kg, ***230°C/2.16 Kg, ^ GMA Content
NOTE: MFI’s stated above are nominal values and are measured at standard 190 °C/2.16 Kg, unless stated otherwise. Actual values lie in a range. Consult product datasheet for details.