Food and Agri


• Enabled temperature-controlled environment for more than 3,000 tons of perishables.

• Increased over 10,000 farmer’s livelihood by creating affordable technologies.

Plusstainability at Work

We are proud of India’s agrarian economy and Plusstainability to us is curbing food loss by empowering the society with clean and resource efficient cold-chain infrastructure. This is our endeavour towards Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 1 of no poverty, 7 of affordable and clean energy and 11 of sustainable cities and communities.

Pluss pre-validates its solutions using Smart CAE(computer aided engineering) – a cutting-edge software adapted to simulate performance of thermal packaging solutions equipped with phase-change materials (PCMs) enabling over 80% reduction in energy, fuel and wastage of packaging material on developmental cycle.

Aagun® - The 24x7 Solar Dryer

A portable 24/7 dryer for grid free consistent drying. Aagun® dryer offers continuous and consistent drying in a closed hygienic method without relying on electrical energy from grid or battery. Based on advanced phase change material (PCM) technology, Aagun® harnesses solar energy during day time and allows utilization of stored thermal energy during non-sunshine hours. This allows to run a continuous drying operation with virtually zero cost, while adding the value to the produce and improving livelihoods.

Aagun® Benefits

Consistent Drying: Continuous 24×7 drying operation with consistent 45°-55°C temperature without electricity.

Improved Productivity: Drying duration is ~60% of conventional solar dryers resulting in reduced food wastage and higher productivity.

Improved Post-Harvest Quality: Better quality dried product with higher nutritional value, aroma and taste due to controlled drying with no temperature fluctuations.

Higher Income: Higher market value for dried products; better bargaining power and prevention of distress selling by farmers.

Enabling entrepreneurship and empowering livelihood of farmers.

Reduced carbon footprint: Grid independent DRE appliance.

HimaCool- Grid Free Micro Cold Rooms

Small and sustainable 5MT capacity solar cold-room to maintain chilled or frozen temperature independent of grid connectivity or electrical batteries. Integration with phase change material technology ensures a 24/7 operation cycle such that the cold generated during six hours of sunshine is sufficiently stored in thermal batteries to maintain temperature over next 18 hours.


Semi-Electric Reefer Truck


Conventional reefer trucks operate on diesel as the primary source of fuel and the refrigeration unit consumes 50% of the fuel. Thermal battery enables semi-electric reefer vehicles by decoupling the refrigeration unit from diesel engine. The electric refrigeration unit is plugged onto an electric source when the truck is docked. During this time the refrigeration unit charges/cools down the thermal batteries which caters to the cooling required during movement of the trucks.


PronGO®- Last Mile Delivery Solutions

Conventionally for part load shippers the ice packs and dry ice coupled with an insulated box is used. The use of dry ice poses a health hazard and also increases the chances of over cooling/freezing the product. PronGO® solution offers a range of multi-temperature control shippers in varying volume capacity. The solution offers an ecosystem that enables a supporting infrastructure for recharging the PCMs – PronGO® recharge station.
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