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Demand Response – Passive Cooling – Heat Recovery

Reduced over 30% energy consumption in HVAC projects.

Buildings form an integral part of our everyday life and are also one of the highest energy guzzlers towards cooling and heating demand.

Plusstainibility at Work

Plusstainability to us is optimizing the demand using thermal energy storage in innovative ways such as harnessing free energy in nature by efficiently capturing the free heat or cool energy or shifting HVAC load from peak hours to off-peak times or applying passive cooling techniques within the envelope of the building to enhance thermal performance of the building.

The ability to utilize materials within the building envelope to contribute to maintaining the desired temperature without depending on an active source of refrigeration system. Phase Change Materials can be used inside a building space to absorb the surplus cooling energy during low peak periods. This stored energy is released passively during high peak demand times. PCMs also can be used to take advantage of the low temperatures in geographies with a large diurnal temperature difference. This energy can be stored into PCMs which can be used to reduce partial HVAC loads. This concept is known as free cooling.

HVAC constitutes about 70% of the total energy consumed in a building. Typically the peak electricity consumption in a building is reached during the month of July for a duration of 3 to 4 hours between 12 noon to 4pm. Therefore, the electric utilities such as the transformers, diesel generator backups and the HVAC capacity is sized to take care of the peak demand which results in an oversizing of the capacities pushing the CAPEX by at least 25% only to meet the peak season. Thermal energy storage enables 50% reduction across electrical and HVAC capacities thus managing the demand smartly.

PCM Thermal Energy Storage Benefits





Passive Thermal Management of Li-ion batteries

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MassEffekt® solutions

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Thermal Storage for chilled water HVAC system

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Compact heat batteries

Aagun® Spatial: 24×7 renewable energy based heating

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Strategic Implementation Partners


Pluss Advanced Technologies has forged a partnership with Crystal Air PCM to leverage its implementation competency forming a strong synergy to offer sustainable and energy efficient thermal energy storage solutions in Republic of Ireland.

HeatInvest is focussed in offering solutions that enable energy transition leading to sustainable ways of generation and storage of energy in Netherlands. The company offers services such as design, planning, engineering and installation. HeatInvest has partnered with Boonstoppel Engineering (Boonstoppel Engineering) which is a specialist in offering innovative engineering solutions for 30 years. Pluss Advanced Technologies, HeatInvest and Boonstoppel are working together to offer PCM based solutions in Europe for cooling and heating applications.

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